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January 10, 2022

Travelers’ expectations are growing: They want wellness experiences that nourish them both inside and out, which means hotels and resorts that prioritize overall well-being will be better positioned to not only attract these guests but also gain their loyalty. January is the perfect opportunity to launch programs that go beyond the traditional spa and fitness services guests have come to expect—so with the new year upon us, let’s look at the unique services and offerings that can elevate your wellness programming and exceed guest expectations.

Celebrate Mental Wellness Month with Experiences that Boost Well-Being

January marks Mental Wellness Month, and it’s the perfect opportunity to focus on intention-setting for the year ahead. One great way of doing that is with an “intention tree,” where guests can share their intentions and wishes for the future by simply writing them on a card and hanging them on a branch. The simple act of setting an intention can help guests align their goals and be more mindful in their day-to-day lives. Implementing a gratitude practice can also inspire guests to invite more joy into their lives. Consider designating a “gratitude wall” where guests and staff can focus on the positive and share their appreciation for the things that matter most.

Incorporate 2022’s Hottest Wellness Trends Into Your Spa Menu

  • Anti-aging is out—longevity is in! Rather than fight a losing battle against aging, many are looking to preventative measures to age gracefully. Consider introducing new treatments and products that focus on enhancing performance for cellular processes that tend to slow with age. Longevity treatments aren’t limited to just the skin; they’re also being embraced as a new means to optimize health and wellness. Consider partnering with companies that are on the cutting edge of longevity science. From real age and epigenetic testing, IV infusions, circadian rhythm training, genetic-risk profiling, biohacking, and more, there are many game-changing therapies that can provide guests with new insights on how to live not just longer, but better.
  • The soaring popularity of non-alcoholic spirits is another opportunity. Serving as the perfect complement to your spa refreshments—or used for focused pairings with your spa treatments—today’s booze-free cocktails provide a healthy kick. Some are even infused with adaptogens, herbs that help manage stress; nootropics, compounds that support cognition; and other beneficial botanicals that elevate mood, boost immunity, and more.

Make Your Wellness Offerings the Reprieve Travelers Need

  • The travel landscape is always evolving, but given the past couple of years, it’s hard to imagine the importance of wellness experiences fading. Many travelers are struggling with burnout and looking for offerings to help them manage stress and anxiety. Others simply need a reset. Fortunately, you can provide both: Mindfulness practices, such as journaling and guided meditation sessions, are especially popular when it comes to addressing burnout and digital fatigue.
  • Today, wellness expectations go far beyond spa treatments and a fully equipped fitness center. Your guests want those things, of course, but they also want tools and experiences they can draw upon when they return to their everyday lives: techniques to breathe more deeply, ideas to eat more healthily, and strategies to sleep more soundly, to name a few. It’s not as hard as you might think to give them those things: Put a breathwork class on the fitness menu, introduce a plant-based culinary demonstration for those interested in adopting a healthier diet, team up with an expert for a sleep-related workshop.
  • And don’t forget to look to nature for easy opportunities, such as a sunrise stretch or moonlit meditation, to help your guests decompress from stress and anxiety. There are myriad ways you can incorporate the benefits of the great outdoors to enhance your wellness programming—and give guests the experiences they desire.

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