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March 27, 2021

Every hotel and resort has revamped operations in the wake of COVID-19, but that’s only part of the challenge. Communicating those changes in a way that instills confidence in guests and potential guests—without overwhelming them—is just as important as the changes themselves. Here are four quick tips to get your message out effectively.

  • 1. Stay on brand. Although the world has changed, your audience needs to know that you are still you—and that means maintaining your brand voice. Whether your brand is fun and playful or focused on luxury, make sure the tone of your communications reflects that. But your approach has to be balanced as well, so guests know you’re taking this seriously.
  • 2. Watch your language. No matter what your brand voice is, don’t overuse words that sound too sterile or even negative. Policy. Procedures. Safety. You won’t be able to avoid them entirely, but try to find ways around them when possible. For example, instead of “We have implemented new policies to ensure your safety,” try something like this: “We’ve enhanced key aspects of the guest experience to ensure your comfort and provide peace of mind.”
  • 3. Show empathy and grace. Acknowledge the challenges that everybody has faced over the past few months—and don’t hesitate to admit that this has been hard on you and your people, too. Be human, not too corporate.
  • 4. Be thorough, but thoughtful. You have a giant list of changes, and they’re all important. But don’t overwhelm your audience by putting everything front and center. Consider adding a note on your website with a few paragraphs on key enhancements, and then link to a more comprehensive FAQ document. Or, film a video showcasing all the new protocols in place. People who want more detail can get it, while those who just want a broad overview won’t feel bogged down.
  • 5. Don’t forget about meeting planners and travel agents. Consider a presentation that showcases how the experience has changed – and yet will still very much remains the same. They need to feel confident in future bookings, too.

Your property has put in a lot of work to reopen safely. With the right communications, your guests will know that you’re committed not only to their comfort, but to their health and well-being, too.