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January 18, 2023

While intuition and experience can give you a sense of what people want, data-based evidence is key to crafting a marketing plan that speaks to the trends that are driving bookings for today’s travelers. Having this information at hand can help you achieve higher conversion rates for your marketing efforts. It can also help you better understand your target demographic as well as the types of experiences they desire. Here, are some of the travel trends that will be influencing the industry in 2023.

  1. Experiences take center stage. The experience economy continues to dominate with Millennials choosing experiences over things. Once considered status symbols of success, possessions are no longer valued in the same way they once were, according to Forbes. Instead, people are focused on reducing consumption while finding memorable and unique travel experiences to be more fulfilling ways to spend their time and money.
  • Sustainable travel remains a priority that travelers are willing to pay more for in 2023. Because we’re all seeing the impacts of climate change, many travelers are searching for more eco-friendly ways to travel. According to’s 2022 Sustainable Travel Survey of more than 30,000 global travelers, 81 percent said sustainable travel was important to them and more than 71 percent said they wanted to travel more sustainably over the following 12 months. From supporting hospitality brands with strong sustainability policies to choosing lesser-known destinations, travelers are willing to spend more to travel more responsibly.
  • Escapism and relaxation are motivating factors in upcoming travel plans. In a recent YouGov poll of consumers in eight key markets across the globe, 52 percent said that they wanted to get away from home on their next vacation. Wanting a break from their usual routines, travelers are looking to escape from the status quo and embrace the opportunity to relax.
  • Culinary travel is on the rise. From food trails that highlight local and regional flavors to stays that embrace various food trends such as zero-waste dining, no-ABV cocktails, and more, today’s travelers are interested in travel that incorporates their love for food with immersive dining experiences.
  • Wellness and transformative retreats top many bucket lists. According to Expedia’s 2023 Travel Trend Report, wellness getaways are back with a more than 30 percent increase in 2022 demand. Nearly half (46 percent) of global travelers are more interested in wellness getaways than ever before. 
  • TV locales inspire aspirational travel to highlighted destinations. “White Lotus,” “Yellowstone,” and “Bridgerton” have all sparked interest in their memorable locations, giving rise to tv tourism.
  • Planning ahead becomes not only possible again but also necessary for coveted travel experiences. Long-term planning fell by the wayside during the pandemic thanks to the uncertainty of COVID-related government regulations. Now, that borders are open and demand continues to grow, travelers are finding it necessary to book further in advance to secure the best rooms and suites as well as exclusive itineraries and experiences.
  • Business travel bounces back. A recent survey from Morgan Stanley Research revealed that corporate travel budgets are returning to pre-COVID levels, as companies see the value of doing business in person.

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